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Our history

It was founded in 1999, a dream come true by Dr. Jaqueline Wood Sevilla together with her husband Vincent Bush, creating the first private hospital in the Bay Islands.

Private Hospital with more than 22 years of experience. It is currently among the most prestigious hospitals in the country. During the last years it has been characterized by an important growth in infrastructure, technology, also by transcendental achievements for the medical development of the community, as well as by international recognition and medical quality certifications.


Thanks to its high quality of services, warmth and kindness of its staff, our Hospital is characterized as one of the main providers of health services to national and international patients.


It has VIP Rooms, Private / Semi-Private Rooms, Pediatric Services, Intermediate Care Room, Isolation Room, Private Offices, Conference Room, Operating Rooms: Major Surgery, Minor Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery, Endoscopy Unit, Recovery Room , Sterilization equipment, Emergency and Trauma Services, Respiratory Therapy: Non-Invasive Ventilation, Invasive Ventilation, Nebulization Area, OB-GYN, Radiology Service, Pharmacy and more.


Provide hospital care to our patients, with the highest comprehensive quality standards, always seeking to exceed their expectations and promoting care and improvement in the health of each member of the family.


To be a Hospital of excellence, a leader in innovation and development, which contributes to improving the quality of life of the community, with committed workers in search of medical, technological and research advances in favor of improving the health of our patients.

Our Values

Leadership: We work motivated to be the best.

Respect: We promote friendly treatment among all people.

Excellence: We work with quality, evaluating and improving our results.

Equity: We provide access to care, according to health priorities.

Commitment: We fulfill our goals and purposes with dedication.

Teamwork: We promote collaboration within the hospital, with the healthcare network and the community.

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